PureCM (http://www.purecm.com/) has announced the latest version of
their software configuration management solution, PureCM 2009-1. This
new release allows companies of any size to benefit from automated
yet fully versioned parallel development without incurring the
administrative overhead or price tag of other solutions in the
market, according to Stephen Worthington, development manager at

With economic pressure still rising and software development
companies looking for ways to achieve more with less, streamlining
the development process can offer a welcome solution to increase
productivity. PureCM 2009-1 helps development managers to do so
supporting agile best practices and reducing human error by
automating tasks.

According to Worthington, defining a project hierarchy and
introducing branching is but the initial challenge to parallel
development. “Once you know how you want to work, a number of
solutions will allow you to create branches for teams or individual
features,” he said. “But the real issue for development managers is
about how to keep track of what is going on in each branch and
keeping related branches in sync.”

PureCM 2009-1 now allows development managers to get insight into
which changes need merging in real-time. Unlike other solutions that
track merging only after it has been completed, PureCM can avoid
human error by knowing in advance where a change, e.g. a bug fix has
to go. Development managers then simply preview or confirm the merge
with a mouse click, or even let the tool merge the change
automatically. In case of a merge conflict, PureCM will suspend
integration and allow the development manager to resolve the conflict
in a visual resolve tool.

PureCM 2009-1 also introduces a completely new and simplified
interface for developers. Using their cross-platform GUI, developers
can see within their private workspace on which files their
colleagues are currently working. Collaboration is further improved
by the ability to preview their completed changes before integrating
them automatically into the workspace. This solution thus combines
the advantages of isolated development and transparent collaboration
in a team environment.

Together with its full support for distributed teams, PureCM brings
advanced SCM features to even the most cost-conscious development
teams. With its capability to scale to thousands of users and
terabytes of data, development managers get a solution which is fit
for growth and flexible enough to support their processes.