Joshua Lippiner
Web Design Central

Announcing Web Design Central, the First Site Created to Match Companies
With the Right Website Designer for Their Business Needs

Website Designers Join Marketing Forces

Roslyn, New York, June 16, 1998 – Over one hundred website designers and
developers have joined marketing forces at Web Design Central, a site
designed to aid companies in finding the right web designer for their
business needs. Through Web Design Central, companies looking to create an
Internet presence can contact designers quickly and effortlessly.

Web Design Central was created to facilitate the business process of
matching website developers to create individual or corporate Internet
sites. By completing an on-line form, a company can send out a WebRFP or
website design and development request for proposal to up to twenty
independent designers.

By utilizing Web Design Central, a company can easily accomplish the most
critical step in creating an Internet presence – finding the right designer
for their specific needs. After sending out a WebRFP to multiple website
firms, the company will receive various proposals via their preferred
method of delivery; email, fax or US mail. All that is left is for the
proposals to be reviewed and the appropriate website firm to be chosen.

Web Design Central was created by Joshua Lippiner, a former developer who
wanted to create an easier way of matching businesses with designers.
Joshua’s other sites include American Breath Specialists and Walt Disney
World’s Ultimate Week Baseball Fantasy Camp.

Since its announcement to the web design and development community, Web
Design Central has had inquiries and subscriptions by professional website
firms from the US, Canada and Europe. The site currently boasts over one
hundred designers with that number increasing every day. Web Design Central
can be found at