From: Jason Wren (
Subject: DialogMagic 5.5!

New Millennium Communications, Inc., a FileMaker Solutions Alliance
Partner, announces the release of the new version of our DialogMagic
plug-in for FileMaker Pro. DialogMagic 5.5 is compatible with FileMaker Pro
5.5 as well as with FileMaker Pro 5 and FileMaker Pro 4 for both Macintosh
and Windows. There are several significant new features in this version.

DialogMagic extends the functionality of FileMaker Pro and automates
certain repetitive tasks, including ones which have dire consequences when
not performed perfectly. It is an essential tool when deploying FileMaker
Pro for commercial solutions or for any solution which is enhanced or
upgraded more than once.

DialogMagic 5.5 has eleven new functions, including the ability to:

– Move or copy any file from one location to another
– Launch any application or file (not just FMP files) from within
your FMP solution
– Automatically type the enter key – enabling you to resume a paused script
– Perform a mouse click at specified horizontal and vertical coordinates
– Capture the pointer coordinates where the mouse button was last clicked

Previous features, now fully compatible with FileMaker 5.5:

– Change passwords in many files all at once
– Set the name and location of clones and copies from a field value
– Enter FileMaker passwords from an “opener” file
– Automate inserting pictures by reference
– Set starting serial #s by script
– Script the name and location of an import file and specify
“Matching Names”
– Set the Custom User Name dynamically at startup
– Set the name, location, and the type of an export file from field values
– and much more…

Individual, Developer, and Site licenses are available. Upgrades are
available for licensed users of DialogMagic 5.0 or earlier. Please visit
our web site at for all of the information and
to download a full functioning version of the plug-in along with the User
Guide and easy-to-follow example files.

For more information, please visit our web site or contact us at