Goya Pty has introduced RefreshFM (http://www.goya.com.au/refreshfm) FileMaker Update Manager tool developed to complement BaseElements, their solution analysis tool.

RefreshFM is a set of FileMaker files and includes the free and open source BaseElements plug-in. RefreshFM builds, runs and manages an import process for FileMaker solutions and lets developers update from old, live versions to a new development version with minimal intervention and complete control.

RefreshFM lets you build a complete update process for a FileMaker solution, and run that import at any time, says Goya developer, Darrin Southern. This allows you to have a fast, well managed, completely error checked upgrade process for your solutions in the shortest possible time frame, he adds.

RefreshFM runs in FileMaker 11, but can update a solution from any version of FileMaker from 7 onwards. It’s available for US$299 for a developer license, which allows you to create and update an unlimited number of solutions. A distribution license that allows you to bundle RefreshFM into your own products is also available, but currently in beta. Full details of the distribution pricing and options will be available later.