Soundcast’s $700 VG7 — the latest in the audio manufacturer’s VGX Series of premium, portable speakers — features 360 degree sound for an immersive sound profile and is equipped with the shock absorbing and weatherproofing capabilities that come standard with any Soundcast release.
The VG7 features a proprietary long-throw, down-firing woofer to underscore booming low-end sound range and volume for large outdoor areas. Encompassing four omnidirectional three-inch drivers, the portable Bluetooth speaker produces immersive sound. Indoor-outdoor EQ mode also allows sound to translate evenly no matter the listening environment, with outdoor mode providing an upper bass boost when engaged and indoor mode reducing bass levels.
The VG 7 is available for purchase for a limited time only at and later available for purchase at a Magnolia Home Theatre or your specialty A/V home retailer domestically and internationally.