Maxum Development Releases PageSentry 4.0

August 10, 2001. Maxum Development’s latest software release, PageSentry
4.0, is now available. The new version offers a host of new features, as
well as Mac OS X native operation. At the same time, Maxum announced a new
pricing model that makes PageSentry more practical for small Web sites
while more scalable for large Internet Service Providers.

Among the most significant new features of PageSentry 4.0:

* Both Carbon and Classic versions of the PageSentry application
provide support for all modern Macintosh models running Mac OS 7.1
through Mac OS X.

* Enhanced statistics, with a revised status window that provides much
more detail about server activity and history.

* Significantly improved Web reporting, including server detail
reports with specific information about recent activity and attempted
warning actions.

* More efficient Sentry, Notifier, and Group management that allows
PageSentry ISP to support up to 500 Sentries while reducing memory and
CPU requirements for smaller configurations.

* Sentry listings can now be sorted by name, group, status, etc.

* Sentries can now be scheduled to suspend testing at specific times
of the day or day of the week.

In addition, a variety of minor errors have been corrected, the user
interface has been updated, menus have been revised to be easier to
navigate, a new “audible alert” notification type has been added, and
other usability improvements have been made.

To meet the needs of a variety of different network administrators,
PageSentry is now available in four different variations. Packages
range from the entry-level “PageSentry OneSite” ($95) which is
designed for administrators with a single server, to “PageSentry ISP”,
which is capable of monitoring an entire Internet server farm ($595).

Complete information about PageSentry, including a fully-functional
trial of the current version, is available at:

Founded in 1991, Maxum Development became the first company to ship
commercial Internet products for the Macintosh when it released
NetCloak and NetForms in 1994. Since that time, Maxum has continued to
innovate with a series of unique, widely acclaimed Internet server