Bare Bones Software has released TextWrangler 4.0, an upgrade to its general purpose text editor for Mac OS X.

The new version introduces new editing and disk browser window layouts, switchable syntax color schemes, and preservation of open documents on relaunch. In addition, TextWrangler 4 also includes a completely re-imagined Preferences window, new Setup window, a streamlined filtering and automation interface, new support for Verilog and VHDL, plus a new modeless “Open File by Name” feature with search-as-you-type results.

In TextWrangler 4, the new editing window now presents a streamlined layout with easy, direct access to both open and recent documents. When run on Mac OS X 10.7 (“Lion”), TextWrangler 4 also supports “full-screen” mode and “any edge” window resizing.

Upon quitting, TextWrangler 4 now automatically remembers the contents of unsaved documents, and restores them the next time it’s launched. The completely re-imagined Preferences window makes customization easier than ever before, according to the folks at Bare Bones. For example, a new “Text Colors” preference panel lets you create and switch between different color schemes. In addition, a new Setup window provides a central location to manage configuration, including FTP/SFTP bookmarks, grep patterns and file filters.

Access to text filters and scripts is now streamlined, plus TextWrangler 4 now has the ability to treat AppleScripts, Automator actions and Unix scripts as co-equal and all may be used as text filters or run directly as scripts. For more info, go to .

TextWrangler 4 requires Mac OS X 10.6 or higher. All Mac OS X users may download TextWrangler 4 free of charge from the Mac App Store or the Bare Bones Software web site.