TopCalculette Pro Update 3.1 for OS 8, OS 9 and OS X



TopCalculette Pro is a major improvement of TopCalculette which
is a popular calculator software with a tape and a very handy converter.

TopCalculette has been rewritten as a Carbon application. This new version
runs on both Mac OS X and Mac OS 8.5 or later.
The design features Apple’s new Aqua interface.

Version 3.1 NEW FEATURES:

– US translation : all the units, currencies and other previously
French strings are in US language.
– Special “Money” Rounding Mode
– 30 new currencies and countries flags.
– Several other improvements and bugs corrected


– For a casual personal use or intensive and professional use,
TopCalculette Pro offers powerful and customizable features:
this new version is incredibly useful.
– The customizable appearance offers two sizes of window (one of
them is a large one) and also a choice of realistic looks and various colors=
– Twelve customizable keys. You choose the functions fit to your
own needs: mathematical, constants, 00, 000, printing or inserting date
on the tape=8A
– Taxes and percents keys: the customizable keys allow to calculate
taxes and percents. You set the function Tax+/- or %+/- to your
selected keys, and allocate them the chosen rate.
– TopCalculette Pro propose two functioning modes: Pocket Calculator
or Accounting Calculator with Sub-Total, Total and Grand-Total keys.
– The converter works very easily: you use 2 buttons to which you
affect currencies or units. A click on one of them converts the figure
on the display in the selected unit. 136 factory settings currencies&units
are proposed, you can add more.
– Currencies updated by Internet: one clic updates the currencies rates.
TopCalculette connects on a server which updates daily
the foreign exchanges rates. You can choose the US$ or the Euro as
currency base.
– Tape: to be more readable, the size has been increased and the font
became customizable. You can write on the tape the current date as
well as comments.


TopCalculette Pro is distributed as a shareware.

There are two different software versions:
– TopCalculette Pro / US$ 19 / Upgrade: 14 US$
– TopCalculette / US$ 12 / Upgrade: 7 US$


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