Dozens of New Features Keep Kids Safe from the Dangers of the Internet

Austin, TX, January 6, 2009: When kids surf the web, they are confronted
with a great deal of inappropriate material that they can stumble on by
just clicking a few links on a web page. Intego, the Macintosh security
specialist, helps protect children from the dangers of the Internet, and
today announced a new version of its acclaimed ContentBarrier X5 parental
control software.

ContentBarrier X5 shields children from offensive content, and prevents
them from stumbling on the dark side of the Internet. It protects children
from adult web sites, predatory chats, suggestive e-mail and more. Parents
choose which categories of content to block, and can block specific
applications or protocols (peer-to-peer, instant messaging, e-mail, games,
streaming audio and video, and more). Parents can also set up schedules
with time limits so their children can only access the Internet at specific

ContentBarrier X5 records full logs of all users’ Internet activity, and
can send logs and notifications by e-mail to parents or administrators. The
program can take screenshots of user activity at regular intervals, and
record all text typed. A new web administration feature lets parents keep
an eye on what children are doing from any computer with an Internet
connection. Parents can see full logs, and can allow or block web sites
that kids have visited or tried to access.

ContentBarrier X5 uses Mac OS X user accounts, so each member of the family
can have their own settings. Parents can adjust protection for each user’s
age and maturity, allowing or blocking specific web sites, applications and
more. An assistant helps set up the program easily for each user.

In addition to being the perfect tool for protecting children at home,
ContentBarrier X5 has powerful features that make it the ideal tool for
schools and universities wanting to control the content their students
access. With the ability to manage dozens of users on a single Mac,
ContentBarrier X5 makes it easy for teachers and administrators to keep
their students safe. ContentBarrier X5’s web administration makes viewing
logs, even for multiple users, simple and efficient, and for those
institutions using ContentBarrier X5 on many Macs, Intego Remote Management
Console provides a full-featured administration interface.

New Features of ContentBarrier X5:
* Improved interface for ease-of-use
* Full recording of activity: sites visited, sites blocked, chats, e-mail,
applications, screenshots and keystrokes
* Improved content category filters
* Remote web administration from any computer: Mac, Windows, Linux, iPhone,
* Filters more protocols: FTP/SFTP, SSH, HTTPS and online games
* Quick enabling/disabling of protection for each user
* Prevents external disks and volumes from mounting
* Instant parental authorization for blocked sites
* Easy-access palette to start and stop Internet session timing

Other Features of ContentBarrier X5:
* Setup assistant simplifies user configuration
* Overview screen shows all user settings
* Blocks streaming media
* Blocks peer-to-peer software
* Blocks chats and e-mail
* Blocks selected applications from accessing the Internet
* Works with multiple users
* Multiple levels of protection
* Pre-determined filter categories
* Customizable filters
* Blocks all but selected web sites
* Traffic data recorded for an overview of Internet use
* Individualized access control
* Limits Internet access by day and time
* Anti-predator blocks predatory language in chat sessions
* Detailed log of each user’s Internet sessions
* Add user photos for easy recognition and configuration
* Password protection
* Automatic e-mail notification of certain events
* Automatic search engine redirection
* Full manual available from Help menu
* Easy updates to program and filters with NetUpdate

System Requirements:

Mac OS X 10.4 or higher (Tiger and Leopard). Runs on Macs with Intel or
PowerPC processors.

Pricing and Availability:

ContentBarrier X5 is available now. For pricing and upgrade information,

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