Hello Everyone,

I would like to announce the release of SSL Socket 2.0, a REALbasic plugin.

With SSL Socket you can connect to and communicate with Secure Servers
(https) via the Secure Socket Layer for encrypted data transfers. SSL
Socket 2.0 now supports Carbon applications. You can also now demo it up to
eight times per session, instead of just one from version 1.0. The price
has also been lowered to $60.00.

SSL Socket works just like a normal socket, so integration into your
current projects is seamless. Documentation is included on both the web
page and the download.

Please visit the SSL Socket page at:


Or download it directly from:


Please send all comments to tristan@essentrix.com, including bugs and
feature requests.

You can download a free demo so please give it a try.

Kind regards,
Tristan Perich

P.s. Kagi may not have updated the price yet, so please wait until it
changes to $60.00 before you purchase it. Thanks for your patience.