TeamViewer enables remote control of Mac and Windows PCs with the click of
a mouse

TeamViewer remote support tool now available for Mac OS X

Uhingen , Germany , May 29, 2008 — TeamViewer GmbH, a leading provider of
solutions for online communication and collaboration, today released the
live version of its TeamViewer remote maintenance program for Mac. This
compact utility, designed to enable remote access of computers via Internet
and across firewalls, is compatible with Mac OS X 10.4 and later versions.

TeamViewer features cross-platform support, allowing Mac and Windows users
to work together and control computers using either operating system; Mac
users are able to take over either Mac or Windows computers, and vice
versa. The software is available free of charge for non-commercial use,
with a range of licenses starting at 249 USD for business employment.

In addition to remote control, the software now includes several additional
features. With TeamViewer, file transfer between computers is easy,
permitting straightforward, effortless information sharing. The client
module of the Windows version is also available now. This small executable
program does not require any installation; it simply runs on the computer
to be controlled remotely. Fast ad-hoc support and troubleshooting are
ideal applications of this function.

All functions of TeamViewer software are uniquely created to ensure a
user-friendly experience. Launching TeamViewer generates a unique ID code
which is then communicated to the user partner by a telephone or e-mail
invitation. Entering the ID code establishes an immediate connection to the
corresponding computer. With this connection, the computer can conveniently
be controlled remotely. Reversing the control direction is possible at any
time, allowing both parties to see and remotely control each other’s
desktops — an ideal application for presentations and teamwork.

To ensure the highest possible security, all TeamViewer data traffic is
encrypted using private/public key exchange and AES 256-bit session
encoding. This process prevents any computer in the communication path from
eavesdropping on data traffic or decrypting the data in transfer.

“The beta version for Mac, which we released a few weeks ago, is already
very well received by several thousand users,” reveals Dr. Tilo Rossmanith,
Founder and Director of TeamViewer GmbH. “People particularly appreciate
the Windows and Mac OS compatibility, as users act efficiently, independent
of the Windows or Mac OS involved. This is especially practical when an
administrator must maintain a large number of computers on both systems.
Regardless of whether the supported user is still running Windows 98 or has
the latest Apple operating system, TeamViewer works properly every time.”


The Mac version of TeamViewer is available immediately and can be
downloaded at ( Three different license options
are available for commercial use, allowing businesses to select the
software which best suits their needs. The Premium License, available for
1,399 USD, compiles additional features, an unlimited term and can be
installed on as many workstations as needed. The Business License,
available for 699 USD, features a less inclusive package also offered on an
unlimited term. A six month license of the Business solution is available
for 249 USD.

TeamViewer is available free of charge for non-commercial users.

All TeamViewer licenses are fully operational on both Windows and Mac systems.

About TeamViewer GmbH

TeamViewer GmbH, founded in 2005, is fully focused on the development and
distribution of high-end solutions for online communication and
collaboration. Available in eight languages, TeamViewer boasts more than
8,000,000 installations in over 50 countries. TeamViewer GmbH is privately
held and has been profitable from the first day of operations.

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