From: Brian S Hall ((a href=””) )
Subject: Blugs 1.0b4 Released

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of Blugs 1.0b4, a
replacement for the Mac OS List Manager and DataBrowser.

This new beta release is primarily for maintenance, and adds no significant
functionality. It does, however, add a critical bug fix — possible memory
corruption when adding columns to a column-less list — so it is highly
recommended you download the new version. It is likely there will be no
more releases before 1.0 GM, which is tentatively scheduled for July 1,

Also in the news: the “Blugs list” at Yahoo! Groups, a resource I hope
developers will utilize. The address is
(a href=”” target=”_new”) Final news bit: Blugs has a domain of its own (, as I have fled
from Tripod. (It’s about time!)

Blugs, sample code, and extensive PDF documentation are available for
download from (a href=”” target=”_new”) Thanks for your attention.

Brian ‘Moses’ Hall, Macintosh Developer
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