SnapperHead is a handy little app that sends screenshots to people who
enter your IP address into a web browser. Simply launch SnapperHead=81, then
send a friend your IP address (it is shown on the SnapperHead=81 window unde=
“Snaps Served”). When they type that Internet address into the location
field of a web browser (you know, where you usually type in
“”), they will be sent, as an image in their
browser, a picture of your screen. That’s all there is to it!

SnapperHead 4.2 is out now. The changes in this version are:

* Faster connections
* Application can be brought to front and then sent to back during requests,
making for much faster uploading
* A whole slew of new SnapperHead tags to display dynamic system info on the
web page

More info:

Direct Download:

System Requirements:
Any PPC Macintosh with at least 12mb RAM free and Mac OS 8.5.1 or higher
(including OS X 10.1), Carbon Lib 1.2.5 or higher.


Also, there has been a quick update to frogslapper. Frogslapper 2.1.1
removes the password encryption to do a bug that would cause passwords to be
wiped out for some users.

Users of version 2.1 will need to re-enter their passwords, as they will be
all messy-like.

Direct Download for frogslapper 2.1.1:

John Schilling
StimpSoft=81, Inc.