Bondi Beach Australia, 23rd May 2001. Westciv announces the release of the
third edition of their acclaimed online CSS Guide, Everything you Ever
Wanted to Know About Style.

Over the last three years, Westciv’s CSS Guide, along with their CSS editor
Style Master, has helped millions of developers get up to speed with the
important Cascading Style Sheets standard. With this third major revision,
the guide now covers all of CSS2 in detail including

* explanations and examples for all selectors and properties on top of
the fundamentals of the technology
* comprehensive and approachable coverage of positioning with CSS
* using CSS for printing, and for other media
* user interface properties

For the first time the guide now directly incorporates detailed browser
compatibility information for all selectors, properties and other rules.
Also included now is a major new section, Real World CSS, which draws on
Westciv’s years of experience developing standards based web solutions.

The guide is available in two formats, a free online version, which
includes complete coverage of all of CSS2, as well as a $19.99 downloadable
version which includes fully annotated compatibility information, and the
additional Real World CSS section.

For more information contact
Maxine Sherrin