Chaparral Software releases Brushfire 1.5.3 for FileMaker Pro 5.5.

Update to blazing fast script analysis utility adds navigation aids,
more user forgiveness.


Calabasas, California, June 4, 2002 — Chaparral Software today announced
the immediate availability of Brushfire 1.5.3, an update to its script
analysis utility for FileMaker Pro 5 through 5.5.

What is Brushfire?

Brushfire is the fastest and most comprehensive script analysis program
available for FileMaker Pro users, developers, consultants and DBAs.
Brushfire analyzes related files, producing in-depth reports that reveal
script details, errors, warning, and functional data about your FileMaker
Pro solutions. By seeing related scripts in one place at one time,
logically and intuitively organized, users can produce higher-quality
solutions with less effort than every before. For these reasons and more,
top developers and organizations worldwide are turning to Brushfire to
conveniently and quickly debug, maintain, clean-up and document their
FileMaker Pro solutions.

New Features

Brushfire 1.5.3 adds these new functions and features:

– “Next” and “Previous” buttons added to the script detail screen,
simplifying reading script text in native script order
– Duplicate script text files are now handled gracefully
– Works better with Internet Explorer
– Brushfire Key validation more forgiving

Brushfire Raves Continue

“Indispensable” – Wim Descorte, Connecting Data
“A real time-saver” – Stefan Schutt, Mouse Up
“A Programmers Dream. Running Brushfire has become essential”
– Morley Chalmers, 7Office Sales Management

See ( for many more
comments and reviews.

Pricing and Availability

A complete product data sheet, free demo software, samples, user guide,
full press releases, pricing and more are available at

To download a demo or upgrade, click here:

Brushfire costs US$249.95 per developer. Updates from version 1.5.0 and
later are free. Product upgrades from older version start at US $79.95.
Details on cross-grades and bundle licenses may be found on our web site.