Here are the latest iPhone/iPod touch/iPod/iPad apps announced. You can find ’em at the Apple App Store (

StarNet Communications, a developer of X11 connectivity solutions, has unveiled iLIVEx, a fault-tolerant X11 client that turns the iPad into an X terminal for powerful Linux and Unix mainframe and supercomputers. Priced at US$14.99, it allows users of the Apple tablet to connect to Unix and Linux desktops and applications hosted on remote Unix and Linux servers.

EA Mobile has kicked off EA Sports FIFA Soccer 11 for the iPhone and iPod touch. The $4.99 soccer franchise features over 30 officially licensed leagues, 35 authentic stadiums, 500 licensed teams and more than 15,000 players from around the world.

AutoDesk has released AutoCAD WS, a free web app that uses cloud computing technology to enable AutoCAD software users to view, edit and share their AutoCAD designs and DWG files through web browsers and mobile devices. The AutoCAD WS mobile application for iOS is also now available for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

Star Cat Studios has unleashed Arcade Cats: Magnificent, an $2.99 puzzle adventure for the iPhone. It mixes multiple classic and well-established arcade elements together with new spins on the arcade and puzzle game genres.

Motion Math has announced a $0.99 iOS app designed to help students master mathematics. Conceived at the Stanford School of Education and based on research in embodied cognition, it’s a learning game that uses the full physical capabilities of iDevices to promote math understanding. has released Mail Templates, a $0.99 iOS app aimed at people who repeatedly send the same e-mail. It allows the user to save up to 10 different templates, which can be sent instantly from within the app. Upon launching Mail Templates, the user can create templates for e-mail messages, which include a predefined subject line, message body and recipient. Mail Templates also includes a guided tour for new users that explains how to use the app.

Blank Label is offering Dress Shirt Designer app for the iPad, a free app that lets you design your own dress shirts on-the-go.

Widget Revolt has updated its $2.99 time management utility app, Timewinder. It’s a multi-step timer and alarm clock utility app that allows users to compose and run timers that are comprised of varying length steps. With the latest 1.1 release, users can also share timers with their friends or the general Timewinder user community through the new Timewinder Timeshare service.  

Digital Poke has announced 360 Web Browser 1.0.1, an update of the $0.99 app for the iPhone and iPod touch. It’s powered by the Prodigy Engine. Features range from tabs, a Quick List, 360 Arcs, Saved Pages/Passwords, Plug-ins, Ad Block, Log-in Lock and more.

Zikera has released Groove 1.4 for iOS devices. The app serves as an iPod app replacement, organizing your library and creating a variety of mixes from your music library based on your listening habits. Version 1.4 now allows music enthusiasts to share their music and mixes on Twitter and Facebook, as well as adds support for iOS4, including fast app switching and higher resolution graphics. Groove 1.4 is free with in-app purchase of enhancement package. Zikera is running a special price drop for the enhancement package at $0.99 until Oct. 31.

Software Ops has launched My Eyes Only Photo 2.1, an update to the $3.99 photo encryption application for iOS devices. Using 256-bit RSA encryption, it’s designed to secure photos on your iPhone or iPod touch by password protecting and encrypting photos. Version 2.1 improves performance, reduces memory usage and increases overall stability.

Sophiestication Software has revved its $4.99 Wikipedia app, Articles for iPad, to version 1.3. The app provides a new language picker to switch between various article localizations. The upgrade sports a table of contents sheet.