Essence Software is proud to announce the latest release of XS3D!

XS3D is a powerful, OpenGL based Scene Library for REALbasic. It was
developed with the intention of simplifying the process of creating 3D
graphics by providing a pre-constructed set of objects (REALbasic classes)
for use in REALbasic applications. XS3D is a scalable toolkit, capable of
handling realtime business charts, scientific data, or games development.

This release of XS3D features:

– XSModel support

The XSModel format is a powerful, XML-based model format that can
be used to save and load your scenes and models. It supports inline
Zip compression, which can reduce your average 512K model file down
to 12k, which no loss in geometric data and neglible impact on file
loading times.

– Windows support

Preliminary supports for Windows has been added to this release.
Basic projects compile, but dynamic texture map support is a
work-in-progress. XSModel files load with texture maps intact on
Windows, however.

– Vastly improved internals

Numerous bugs have been squashed, including optimisations which
have been made to the core mathematics code. Certain classes have
been consolidated (like the XSLight class & subclasses) and others
enhanced with improved functionality.

Features planned for 1.0b2 release:

– Full documentation (both class reference & developer guide)
– Support for Wavefront OBJ model files
– Windows dynamic texture map support

This release of XS3D is a preview of the upcoming 1.0b2 release.
Documentation has been removed from this release, but will be available in
the full 1.0b2 release which will be available in May. Plentiful example
projects are provided for your reference. Release notes and change logs
will also be available in the full 1.0b2 release.

Again, this is only a preview of 1.0b2.

James Milne
Essence Software