Vancouver, British Columbia, April 18, 2001 – The Mireth Technology Corporation has released version 2.5 of MacVCD X.

MacVCD X is a Mac OS X version of our software video CD Player, MacVCD, that you can use to play VCDs on your Macintosh. Because Mac OS X (as of April 2001) does not support the Video CD format, you need to make Macintosh formatted copies of your VCDs for use with Mac OS X. You can do this using MacVCD and a CD burner. Once you have created these new CDs you can use MacVCD X just like MacVCD.

To convert the Video CD into a format than can be read by Mac OS X and played using MacVCD X, do the following:

1. Using MacVCD on Mac OS 9, insert the VCD and then
select it from the VCD menu.
2. From the File menu, select Save As Self Contained Movie…
3. If the VCD has more than one track, select the next
track from the Track menu and repeat step 2. Do this for
each track.
4. Using your CD burner, burn a CD that contains the tracks
you just saved in a folder called MPEGAV
5. You can now use this new CD on Mac OS X with MacVCD X..

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MacVCD, for Mac OS 8 and 9, is a software video CD Player that you can use to play VCDs on your Macintosh. Because it automatically recognizes the Video CD format, MacVCD lets you play VCDs effortlessly. MacVCD supports multi-language VCDs, Karaoke VCDs, full screen mode (with keyboard control) and can display movies on arge monitors at high resolution. MacVCD can also be used to save VCD tracks to hard disk, as well as to play and to edit Quicktime movies.

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