Adds HTTP File Upload, ODBC Capabilities and Much More.

Raleigh, North Carolina – 27 February 2001 – PagePlanet Software, Inc. is
proud to announce the Golden Master release of Modular Gateway Interface
(MGI) version 2.1 for Macintosh and Windows NT/2000.

MGI 2.1 is a plug-in to 4D’s award-winning web server, WebSTAR, and ISAPI
web servers such as IIS. MGI 2.1 allows web site developers to integrate
hundreds of functions from counters to shopping carts with easy-to-use,
HTML-style tags. MGI tags are coded directly into the HTML of a page and
integrate seamlessly with any page layout or design.

For server administrators, MGI 2.1 is plug-and-play. All functions are
fully secure across multiple regions on a web server making MGI ideal for
web hosting companies, ISPs, and businesses with multiple divisions in
addition to machines running single domains. Web-based server
administration lets you enable MGI modules, configure custom error pages,
and set up HTTP file upload on a domain-by-domain basis. And one MGI
license can be used for ALL domains on a server.

All MGI 2.1 tags with database capability are now enabled with ODBC hooks
to third-party databases such as FileMaker Pro, dBase, FoxPro, and Oracle 6
and 7 (with Oracle 8 and SQL 7 coming soon), in addition to flat-text files.

These are just some of the other functions that MGI can add to the web
sites on your server – e-commerce with web-based admin, built-in database,
encryption, pay-per-view, banner ads, polls, quizzes, web-based email, HTTP
and file includes, password-protection, guestbooks, forms processing, send
mail, cloaking, redirects, counters, julian dates, file modification,
cookies, no cache directives, string manipulation, and data validation plus
low-level customization tags including conditionals, switches, and loops.

MGI Demos

The MGI 2.1 demos are full Commerce versions with NO timeout, however the
demo versions server a “demo” header and footer on each page.

Mac Demo: (

NT/2000 Demo: (

Special Pricing

Now through 11 March 2001, buy MGI 2.1 for 30% off the retail price. That’s
just $699 for Commerce, $419 for Essentials Plus, $209 for Essentials and
just $69 for the Forms Processor.

Purchase Form: (

About PagePlanet Software, Inc.

PagePlanet Software was formed in 1996 as a development arm of PagePlop Web
Hosting of Raleigh, North Carolina. The company was incorporated in 1998 to
further the development of Modular Gateway Interface as a commercial
application. Modular Gateway Interface has been developed over five years
in conjunction with thousands of web sites at PagePlop Web Hosting. Many
other ISPs and independent companies from small businesses to Fortune 100
corporations have adopted MGI for their intranet and internet systems.

For more information, feel free to contact us at or at either of the numbers below.

— PagePlanet Software, Inc. 919-233-1770 (sales)
3252 Octavia St 919-852-5262 (support)
Raleigh NC 27606 (


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