Purity Software reintroduces ODBC connectivity for WebSiphon

Following the release of WebSiphon v2.0, Purity Software is proud to
reintroduce ODBC connectivity for WebSiphon with the WebSiphon Enterprise

The WebSiphon Enterprise Module is an enhancement for Purity’s premiere web
development environment. Using the WebSiphon Enterprise Module, developers
can easily connect to any ODBC-compliant data sources. For example, using
the Merant DataDirect Connect ODBC v3.11 driver manager you would have
access to any of the following database systems:

FoxPro 2.5, 2.6
Microsoft SQL Server 6.5
Oracle 7.1, 7.2, 7.3
Oracle 8
Sybase SQL Server 4.92
Sybase System 10, 11, Adaptive Server 11.x, 12

In addition, any DBMS that fully conforms to the ODBC 3.0 specification
should work (PrimeBase, etc.) with the WebSiphon Enterprise Module.

The WebSiphon Enterprise Module also supports round-robin connection
management to any number of different data sources. Simply open multiple
persistent connections to your datasource and the WebSiphon Enterprise
Module will route incoming ODBC calls to the first available connection.

Purity Software is reintroducing the WebSiphon Enterprise Module for only
US $499.00. With WebSiphon and the Enterprise Module, you get incredible
server-side scripting power (225+ functions), a high-speed built-in
database, access to FileMaker Pro, and access to any ODBC datasource.
Definately a “Best Buy” for enterprise level capabilities (WebSiphon +
Enterprise Module = US $994.00).

Download a fully functional (time-limited) demo version of the
WebSiphon Enterprise Module from

WebSiphon Enterprise Edition was first introduced at MacWorld Expo in 1999.
Due to issues with ODBC driver availability for the MacOS, Purity Software
did not feel it was appropriate to fully release the software until
functional ODBC drivers for MacOS were widely available. Now with the
availability of Merant’s DataDirect Connect ODBC and DataDirect Sequelink
ODBC products from (a href=”http://www.metrotechnologies.com/”)Metro
Technologies(/a) as well as products from (a
href=”http://www.openlinksw.com/”)OpenLink Software(/a), we feel
comfortable fully releasing the WebSiphon Enterprise Module. The WebSiphon
Enterprise Module has been tested and used on the Purity websevers for over
two years.

About Purity Software:
Purity Software, Inc., founded in 1995, is a privately-held corporation
based in Austin, TX. The company is committed to producing really cool

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