February 26, 2001 – Chandler, AZ

IncWell DMG, Ltd., in association with Solutions Etcetera, announced
today the availability of SuperCard 3.6.3, a free update to their high
level multimedia delivery and rapid application development tool. The new
version addresses a memory problem under Mac OS 9 and QuickTime 4.1.2, and
is available via download from the IncWell web site to all registered users
of SuperCard version 3.5 and higher.

“With the discovery last month that changes made in QuickTime 4.1.2 could
cause SuperCard authored applications to run into potential memory problems
with any current system setup, it was imperative for us to release an
update as soon as possible. This release is designed to correct that
problem”, said Scott Simon, Director of Product Development for IncWell.

SuperCard offers both the home user and the professional developer alike,
an easy to use – easy to learn, yet high-powered environment that provides
the ability to create custom applications that take full advantage of the
interface, graphics, and multimedia power of the Macintosh platform, all at
a significantly more affordable price point than other tools.

SuperCard 3.6 is available directly from Solutions Etcetera, and new
customers can purchase the product for US$144.95. Users of SuperCard
versions 2.x through 3.0x, as well as HyperCard, can upgrade to version 3.6
for US$99.95. Site licenses of 10 or more seats are also available at
reduced cost.