PagePlanet Software, Inc. is pleased to announce the immediate availability
of MGI Forms Processor, a plugin to 4Ds award-winning web server WebStar
for Macintosh and IIS server on NT/2000.

What MGI Forms Processor does is enable forms-to-email functions with some
helpful features including:

* Validate email addresses for syntax as a built-in function

* Validate any string/date/integer/real number for syntax using the
mgiValidateData tag

* mgiPGP encryption included

* CC, BCC and file attachments directly from server built in

* Failed mail archive is included to capture any mail that fails to send
for any reason and allows resend after corrections are made

* Allows for full customization of the email returned or dumping field
data to a line-by-line display without preformatting

* Includes MGI server admin to enable and disable functions on a domain-
by-domain basis

* Full support for GMT offset — server wide or configurable per email

* Fully customizable error pages for those pages served through MGI

* Works with both SSL and non-SSL enabled forms

As a side benefit of using the MGI Core server which comes with MGI Forms
Processor, you also have MGI File Upload which allows your users to upload
files to the server directly from their local browser. You can use MGI File
Upload to restrict file types and sizes of uploads via the use of regular
expressions. MGI File Upload is also capable of restricting upload
privileges to individual domains AND/OR from specific IP numbers. This
function completely replaces the WebStar File Upload Plug-in.

MGI Forms Processor is available for immediate purchase and download and is
only $99.00.

One purchase allows you to use this tag suite on as many domains and forms
as you can shove on a single web server. MGI Forms Processor runs on both
Macintosh PPC and NT/2000 so your form files are completely transportable
between platforms.

To purchase MGI Forms Processor, simply go to:

follow the links, and fill out the form. Upon credit card payment, a
license key will be emailed to you. On that page, you will also find links
to the full tutorials associated with MGI Forms Processor.

If you want to try out MGI Forms Processor first, simply download the demo
which is fully-functioning except for the banner stating “MGI Demo” across
the top of each page served by MGI.

NOTICE: If you have already installed MGI Essentials, MGI Essentials Plus,
or MGI Commerce, all the functions of MGI Forms Processor are already on
your machine. You do not need MGI Forms Processor.

And by the way, if you ever want to upgrade MGI Forms Processor to any
other version of MGI, we credit you with the full purchase price of MGI
Forms Processor on your upgrade cost.

Thank you.

Steve Crisp
PagePlanet Software, Inc.
Home of MGI