For Immediate Release

Toronto, Canada – Rage Software announces CSM Maker 1.1

CSM Maker is the only Macintosh Application which allows you to create CSMs
at the click of a button. Just drag and drop an application onto CSM Maker
and a CSM will be created for it.

New In This Version

This new version allows you to drop a file onto CSM Maker’s Icon to create a
CSM for it. It also adds a confirmation message when the CSM is created and
it fixes a few bugs. The price for a license has also been cut in half. It
is now cheaper to include built CSMs with your shareware or commercial

Download, Pricing & Distribution

CSM Maker is free for personal use and free when distributing a CSM with a
freeware applications although you must pay a small fee if you would like to
include a CSM with a shareware or commercial application. For pricing info
please visit or to purchase a license visit

Further Information


To contact Rage Software about CSM Maker please send an email to We would really like to hear from you.

About Rage Software
Established in 1999, Rage Software has been making quality Mac Software to
help make your Mac experience easier. Rage Software aims to provide all Mac
users with easy to use, professional software at an affordable price.

Rage Software is the author of many popular Mac shareware and freeware which
include Macintosh Explorer, ShutDown Timer, and Finder Quitter.