McWare USA ships McSerialnumber v1.3 MacOS Shareware Edition
McSerialnumber v1.3 is the first integrated registration, design and
administration Database and security works shareware solution for
developers and ISV’s fully supporting MacOS X.

Munich, Germany – Oldsmar, Florida US. — Jan. 29, 2001 —

McWare USA today announced McSerialnumber v1.3 Shareware Edition, the
successor of McSerialnumber v1.2.1 Mac OS Shareware Edition, to fully
support Apple’s new Mac OS X.
McSerialnumber v1.3 Shareware Edition (Power PC only) enables any Mac OS
based developer to put a customer registration scheme into its software
product and utilises the tracking of sales and registrations in an easy to
use integrated database.

The registered McSerialnumber 1.3 Shareware Edition software enables the
production of a set of custom “Soft-Dongle” type libraries to link into
software products running on Mac OS Classic (68k, PPC), Mac OS X (Carbon)
as well as Microsoft Windows 9x/NT/Me/2000.

The Product Update is free of charge for all registered customers.

Pricing Information
The shareware registration fee for the Single User License is $15.00. For
more details visit us at ( or send an e-mail to

The Company is a leading worldwide vendor of registration type security
software, with headquarters in Munich, Germany and Oldsmar, FL USA.