@MacWorld: Gefen Test-Drives its ex-tend-it ADC-100

Pioneering in its compatibility with Apple’s proprietary ADC connector, the
ADC-100 enables reliable, 300 foot extension of the Apple Cinema and Studio
Display monitors using fiber optics technology.

Gefen also provides USB extension up to 300 feet with the USB-100.

Gefen: Booth 1246
MacWorld 2001
January 9-12, 2001
San Francisco. California

About Gefen:
Gefen Inc. is a leading developer of computer interconnectivity products
and audio
management solutions for professional and personal computer users worldwide.
Gefen’s ex-tend-it KVM (keyboard video mouse) extenders allow computer
extension of up to 300 feet while switches provide access to multiple computers
from a single workstation. Gefen provides complete audio management software,
sound effects networking solutions, music system integration and large capacity
laser disk changers. Automatic gain controls, digital/analog source switches
and distribution amplifiers are also available.

Gefen, Inc.
6262 Variel Avenue
Woodland Hills, California
818.884.6294 or 800.545.6900.