DupliDisk II (Macintosh Edition) Debuts at MacWorld Expo SFO

HOLLYWOOD, FLORIDA – Arco Computer Products is proud to introduce DupliDisk
II (Macintosh Edition), the first hardware based IDE RAID solution for the
Macintosh from Arco. This exciting new product offers the benefits of
DupliDisk II technology to Macintosh users.

Features include a true hardware based IDE RAID controller, Background
Rebuilding capabilities, Hot-Pluggable drive solutions, a native PowerPC
utility for option control, and OS-X native support. This is the first IDE
RAID controller for the Macintosh that does not require a PCI BUS
connection. As with all DupliDisk products, the DupliDisk II (Macintosh
Edition) connects directly to the onboard IDE connector on the motherboard.
With all of the various form factors available, the DupliDisk II will fit
virtually anywhere within the Macintosh.

In the event of a hard drive failure, the DupliDisk II (Macintosh Edition)
will switch operations automatically to the known working drive and alert
the user via audible and visual signals that a drive failure has occurred.
A user can then, with the machine still up and running, replace the bad
drive and re-mirror the drives in the background without any overhead on
the Macintosh system.

Visit us at MacWorld Expo at Booth 2532 in the Moscone Convention Center,
San Francisco, January 9-12, 2001. Arco will introduce the first hardware
based IDE RAID controller for the Macintosh. Come see why Arco is the world
leader in IDE RAID technology development.

Arco Computer Products, Inc. is a developer and manufacturer of IDE RAID 1
technologies. Our world headquarters are located in Hollywood, Florida, a
suburb of Fort Lauderdale. For more information regarding our products,
please visit us on the Internet at (http://www.arcoide.com) or call (800)

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