PineHill Product’s Releases SiteToolkit 1.0, complete set of web site tools.

Rochester, NY – December 20th, 2000 – PineHill Product’s is proud to
announce SiteToolkit 1.0, a complete set of web site tools.

SiteToolkit is like a entire box of tools rolled into one. SiteToolkit,
with its easy to use, user-friendly interface, will optimize your web
pages, generate and automatically add META tags to your web pages, upload
your entire web site, and submit your site to over 40 search engines! And
at only $15, you have nothing to loose!

Key Features Of SiteToolkit 1.0:
* Submits your web site to over 40 search engines
* Optimizes the HTML in your web pages for faster loading
* Generates and adds customized META tags to your web pages
* Uploads your entire web site with a easy to use FTP client
* Easy to use, user-friendly interface, easy enough for anyone to use
* Low price of only $15

Requirements & Pricing:
You will need a Power Macintosh running Mac OS 8.1 or later with 4MB of
available RAM to use SiteToolkit. All iBook’s, iMac’s, G3’s and G4’s work
fine, also.

SiteToolkit is very reasonably priced at $15, and can be purchased
instantly online using our secure web store. Visit
( for more information.

About PineHill Products
PineHill Products develops quality Macintosh software for the Internet,
utility’s, applications and more. You can find more information about
PineHill Products at their web site ( or
you can email them with any question you might have at