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December 18, 2000 Jonathan ‘Wolf’ Rentzsch – (847) 584-7465

Red Shed Threads Brings Preemptive Threading to the Classic Mac OS

Schaumburg, IL – Mac OS X isn’t the first Mac OS that offers preemptive
threading. The Classic Mac OS offers preemptive behavior — since 1984!

“Preemptive behavior has been present in the Mac OS since System 1.0,” says
Jonathan ‘Wolf’ Rentzsch, creator of Red Shed Threads. “It’s just that
accessing and harnessing this power has been difficult until now. What Red
Shed Threads does is provide all the power in an easy-to-use package.”

Designed for Macintosh software developers, Red Shed Threads provides a
complete threads package from the low-level context switcher to a
high-level threaded Open Transport wrapper. It runs natively on a Mac II
running System 7 to a G4 running Mac OS X.

“Preemptive threading can result in huge speed gains and greater user
satisfaction,” continues Mr. Rentzsch. “The threaded File Manager wrapper
included with Red Shed Threads was tested to be over 400% faster than the
Thread Manager at copying files.”

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