[For immediate release]

Switzerland–July 21, 2000–Blue Line Studios today announced the release
of LogotypeMaker 1.0 for Macintosh.

The public betas 0.1 through 0.5 had some speed issues, the recent version
however has been vastly improved. LogotypeMaker now features printing and

“LogotypeMaker could serve a purpose that all graphics professionals want,”
Daniel C. Kueng, president of Blue Line Studios, said, “make it look to
their client that they’ve spent a lot of time and energy on a workproduct
when, in fact, they haven’t.”

Blue Line Studios offers a fully working Demo which can be used for a dozen
times. Download it at http://www.blueline-studios.com/lmDown.html

LogotypeMaker displays a string of text using all the user’s currently
installed fonts. The list contents can be edited, printed (including
printing to PDF via Acrobat, which can later be opened in Illustrator), and
saved as LogotypeMaker files.

The product homepage including screenshot is at
Download and registering at http://www.blueline-studios.com/lmDown.html
Press info at http://www.blueline-studios.com/lmPress.html

Contact: Daniel C. Kueng

Hueningerst 18
CH-4056 Basel
Phone: ++41 61 322 5355
Fax: ++41 61 322 5355
E-Mail: studio@blueline-studios.com
Web: www.blueline-studios.com