X-Sender: jstrout@strout.net
Date: Fri, 2 Jun 2000 13:11:43 -0700
To: Quesa List (quesa_list@designcommunity.com)
From: “Joseph J. Strout” (joe@strout.net)
Subject: [ANN] Quesa 1.6d12

The Quesa Development Team is pleased to announce release 1.6d12 of
Quesa, the Open Source implementation of Apple’s QuickDraw 3D (QD3D)
high-level 3D API.

This release takes further steps towards full compatibility with QD3D
1.6, with the addition of NURB curves and patches, more camera types,
and better 3DMF support. It also adds fully Carbon-compatible code,
allowing QD3D apps to run under Mac OS X for the first time ever.

Using Quesa, QD3D applications can now run on both Mac OS 8-9 and Mac
OS X, leveraging any card that supports OpenGL.

Major changes for 1.6d12 include:

– Fully Carbonised, with support for Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X
– NURB curves and NURB patches are now supported
– Orthographic cameras, and camera view ports, are now supported
– Textures now supported on little-endian architectures
– Apple’s Interactive Renderer now supported on Windows
– Continued improvements to 3DMF import/export code
– Several bug fixes, code cleanup, and some performance improvements
– Extensible file import/export architecture under way (allowing
any QD3D application to import 3DMF, 3DS, and other formats)
– Experimental projects for building Quesa using either Project
Builder or CodeWarrior Pro 6 beta under Mac OS X DP4

Quesa is a cross-platform, open-source project to re-implement QD3D
under the LGPL license. The primary goal is to provide API and
binary compatibility with Apple’s QD3D 1.6, but at the same time,
Quesa has surpassed its predecessor in several ways. Its clean,
portable code currently runs on Mac OS 8-9, Mac OS X, Windows, BeOS,
and Linux; and it features an extensible file I/O architecture which
enables it to read 3DMF and 3DS files, with other formats easily

Like QD3D, Quesa features a plug-in renderer architecture as well,
allowing it to take advantage of OpenGL, RAVE, or whatever other
hardware acceleration layer is available on a particular platform.

For more information, please visit the Quesa web site: (http://www.quesa.org/)

“Apple” and “QuickDraw 3D” are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc.