Subject: [ANN] HTML Creator 2.0
From: Aram Kudurshian (

June 1st, 2000 – HTML Creator 2.0, an advanced but easy to use HTML editor
has been released by Aram Kudurshian ( – HTML Creator is based on the idea that the best way
to learn is by doing it yourself and this is what HTML Creator aims to do
while providing you with over 35 assistants to help you speed up and learn
writing HTML.

Aimed at all skill levels, a small amount of HTML knowledge is needed but
you can follow my own HTML tutorial at

New in version 2.0

* Complete Rewrite
* New Document Assistant has over 4x the amount of options!
* New Assistants (Tables, Form Elements, Group Boxes, etc…)
* More choices in each assistant!
* New method to Preview In Browser – faster and more efficent!
* Better HTML output!
* Extras! implemented
* Better printing and preferences!
* Faster and easier to use!
* And much, much more!

System Requirements

* Mac OS 8.5 or higher
* 4 MB of RAM
* 4 MB of Hard Disk Space

More information &
Download Link

You can find more information from my web site at and
you can also download HTML Creator 2.0 from that web site.

Direct Download Links: – 1 MB – 1 MB


Aram Kudurshian
AIM: aramk622