June 2, 2000 – Sand Hill (shed.com) has just released version 3.0.2 of
their home automation software “XTension” . This version rounds out a suite
of verbs which control the graphic views used to display dynamic pictures
of your home or office. The icons in the Views are ‘hot’, and can be used
to control as well as monitor your system.

Now, the background pictures in Views can be changed, as with the time of
day, and icons can be changed according to their current status. Your
graphic views can now reflect a more personal and ‘real’ appearance. Pipe
the video out of your Mac to a channel on all of your TV’s…

XTension is simply the most powerful home automation software available on
any platform. With the power of the MacOS, and AppleScript, there are no

A Lite version is free, and is fully functional except that the database is
limited to 5 units. (www.shed.com)

Come to the XTension website for “an infectiously giddy warehouse of
information and ideas regarding X10 controllers and what your Mac can do
with them” (Andy Ihnatko)

Take a look at the June MacTech Magazine … you’ll get infected too !

Michael Ferguson