San Jose, CA, 17th May 2000: AD Software announces the OOFILE Professional
Server Edition which adds support for Faircom’s popular Faircom Server.

Faircom Server provides scalable client-server database technology from 68K
Mac through to the largest Unix servers.

On sale now at DevDepot at WWDC Show Special Prices.

More information on this new member of the OOFILE family at after WWDC.

OOFILE Professional Server Edition extends the OOFILE database API. The
Open Source OOFILE report writer, graphing engine and PowerPlant forms
integration software can all be used with the extended database API.

Changing an existing GUI application to be server based requires less than
20 lines of code be changed to gain transaction-based client-server (TCP/IP
or Appletalk) access at incredible speeds.

For more information on the power of the Faircom Server see


About AD Software:
AD Software was founded in 1984 to provide a range of consulting and
software development services. Today they market cross-platform development
tools for efficient, portable application development.

About Faircom and c-tree Plus:

FairCom created Access Manager for Digital Research in 1979 and released
its first true application development tool, the original c-tree file
handler, that same year. Today c-tree Plus is running in over 100 CPU/OS
environments in more than 98 countries worldwide. FairCom Macintosh
implementations are utilized by such noted organizations as: McGraw-Hill,
Follett Software Company, Great Plains Software and Phone Directories.
Corporations like Computer Associates and Sharp Corporation have embedded
FairCom’s c-tree Plus within vertical market products and licensed its
Server technology for OEM uses

c-tree Plus V6.7A is priced at $895 with full C source code, no royalties,
26+ free development Servers. This price includes full source for all 26
supported platforms. For more information, contact FairCom Corporation in
the US at (573) 445-6833; in Europe at (39) 35- 773 464; Japan at
(81)-0592-29-7504; Brazil at (55) 014-224-1610 or

Andy Dent BSc MACS AACM, Software Designer, A.D. Software, Western Australia
OOFILE – Database, Reports, Graphs, GUI for c++ on Mac, Unix & Windows
PP2MFC – PowerPlant-)MFC portability