UNIX Console v2.0 Released

UNIX Console is a Solaris UNIX system analysis and performance tool for
Power Macintosh and Windows 9x/NT computers. It consists of a series of
modules that send commands to a remote UNIX server and displays a graphical
interpretation of the results. Many modules make an analysis of the
commands result set and highlight potential problems and suggest possible
options. The modules will never override the current users access
permission level on the server. Analyses are based on published work.

This application works best with Sun Microsystem’s Solaris UNIX, although
some modules may work on other platforms. At this stage only Solaris 2.6 is
supported. No non-Solaris server-side components need be installed.

Features include:
– RAM and SWAP Usage
– SAMBA and EtherShare client overview modules
– Display of BSD printer spools
– Disk utilisation module
– Ethernet interface module
– Telnet terminal
– Load analysis
– RAM usage analysis (requires sar to be installed and active)
– CPU historical analysis (requires sar to be installed and active)
– Process overview

For Power Macintosh and Windows 9x/NT/2000

Free upgrade for Version 1.0 Registered Users

US$99 from MacSOS, Australia

Downloadable demo version available from


Dr Gerard Hammond
Garvan Institute of Medical Research
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Australia email: g.hammond@garvan.unsw.edu.au