From: Brian Hall (
Subject: [ANN] PageNOW! eGate 1.0.2 Posted

PageNOW! E-Mail Gateway 1.0.2 (Mac OS) is now available for downloading.

Please give it a shot and send us your feedback – we look forward to taking
it in new directions!

You can learn more and download via the link at:

Brian Hall
Mark/Space Softworks

=== OVERVIEW ===

The PageNOW! E-Mail Gateway provides a link between email addresses and
pagers or digital phones. The gateway simply checks internet email
addresses, and relays any messages found to the designated pager or phone.
The gateway can be used with email accounts on an in-house email server, or
those on an internet service provider – you can even mix and match.

To reach a pager or phone, just send email to address such as
“”, “” or even
“”. The gateway can be configured on a
per-address basis to limit the contents of the forwarded message (ie,
complete message, or sender and subject only) as well as the times of day
that the account should be active (ie, 9am-5pm or 24 hours/day).

– If ‘delete message’ option is not used, messages will be forwarded
one per account check. In the next release, only unread messages
will be forwarded (coming soon)


Version 1.0.2 (04/09/00)
– New: Now supports APOP style authentication
– Changed: User Guide now in PDF format
– Updated: Documented use of EIMS virtual domains

Version 1.0.1 (12/21/99)
– Fixed: Corrects problem where newly added accounts were not scanned until
– Fixed: Corrects problems eGate had with multiple minute checks when it
was resorted (in reverse order) during a run.

Version 1.0 (9/30/99)
– Note: First commercial release!

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