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Subject: Hefty FTP Client Released

Black Diamond Products today announced the release of version 1.0 of their
new FTP Client Hefty FTP

Hefty FTP is a modern queue based FTP client for the Mac that:

* Automatically retries connections
* Automatically retries downloads and uploads
* Automatically resumes transfers if possible
* Can be transferring queued files to/from FOUR FTP servers simultaneously
while browsing a fifth
* Can download files off the Web using HTTP, with full
reconnection/resumption capabilities
* Gives you extensive control over your FTP sessions and transfers

System Requirements

To run Hefty FTP, users require the following

1. A PPC Mac running MacOS 8.5 or later.
2. 8mb free RAM.
3. Open Transport.
4. About 4MB of disk space.
5. An Internet connection.
6. A screen set to 1024×768 minimum


Hefty FTP is now available and a usage limited copy can be downloaded at This shareware version is limited to 50
file transfers; thereafter a registration code is required for continued
use. Additional information is available at the Black Diamond Products
website (

Shareware / Payment

Hefty FTP is being released as shareware at a cost of US$ 35.00 per single
user. Payment is through Kagi ( Upon registration,
users will be e-mailed their registration code allowing them unlimited
usage of the software.

Contact Information

Peter Job

Kevin Brett

Technical Support


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