J2S Caption Extractor Suite 1.1: Use Sherlock to find your images.

J2S announces the availability of a new version of the Caption Extractor
Suite for Sherlock.

With the Caption Extractor Suite, Sherlock becomes a low cost, ready-to-use
“full-text” solution for finding images on hard disks, CD-Roms* or other
storage devices. (* Provided the index is created before writing the

The Caption Extractor Suite consists of a series of plug-ins designed to
enhance Sherlock’s “Search by Content” features. These plug-ins enable
Sherlock to index the description inserted into the image files using the
“Document info” feature of software applications such as Photoshop, Graphic
Converter or any other IPTC editors. Once the index is created, Sherlock
can search through the ever-growing stock of image files to retrieve the
required documents in a matter of seconds.

The Caption Extractor Suite 1.1 supports JPEG, IPTC image files (the IPTC
is a standard used in the press industry for exchanging information), TIFF
and native Photoshop files.

The Caption Extractor Suite 1.1 costs 100 Euros (approx. $100), excluding
sales tax.

The Caption Extractors work with Sherlock running on MacOS 8.6 an MacOS
9.0. A more detailed presentation and a demo version can be found on J2S
web site at


J2S is a limited company whose aim is to:

* Meet specific needs by writing programmes according to precise

* Anticipate our customers needs by developing and publishing software
specialised in multimedia and asset management.

J2S is based upon the combination of its two partners:

* Jean-Yves Jourdain won the Apple Trophy in 1989. After developing on PC
and mainframe computers, he expressed his expertise for 10 years in
designing and developing Phrasa, a cross-platform digital archiving system
distributed throughout the world.

* Richard Loubjac has gained a significant experience in web site
publishing, from content to technical implementation. With his knowledge in
linguistics, his writing and communication skills, he plays a pivoting role
between the technical and commercial world.