Apple Introduces iLife ’08

Major New Versions of iPhoto & iMovie

CUPERTINO, California–August 7, 2007–Apple today introduced iLife ’08,
the most significant upgrade ever to Apple’s award-winning suite of digital
lifestyle applications, featuring a major new version of iPhoto and a
completely reinvented iMovie. iPhoto ’08 automatically organizes photo
libraries into Events that let users more easily manage their growing photo
collections, and iMovie ’08 introduces an entirely new way for users to
quickly make movies and share them online. Both iPhoto and iMovie integrate
seamlessly with the new .Mac Web Gallery, Apple’s new service for .Mac
members to instantly create and host stunning online websites for their
photos and videos. iLife ’08 also features iWeb ’08, with live web widgets
such as Google Maps that let users create even more dynamic websites, and
GarageBand ’08, with its new Magic GarageBand feature that makes it fun and
easy for both musicians and non-musicians to create great sounding songs.

“Apple has taken iLife ’08 to a new level that is years ahead of anything
available for the PC,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “We think iLife ’08
gives Mac users even more reasons to love their Macs, and PC users even
more reasons to switch.”

iPhoto ’08 automatically groups all photos into Events, each containing a
day’s worth of photos represented by a single picture. Users can simply
move their mouse over an Event to instantly “skim” through all its photos.
Users can split a single day’s event into multiple events, such as a
birthday party in the morning and a wedding in the evening, or merge events
on multiple days into a single event, such as a weekend ski vacation. Users
can hide photos they don’t want to see every day but don’t want to throw
away, and a unified search allows users to instantly find all their photos
across all Events by rating, date and keywords. Users can produce
frame-worthy prints on a home printer with new Apple-designed photo themes,
and order keepsake books with customizable dust jackets and professional
quality hardcovers with elegant foil printing, new spiral-bound softcover
books that can be laid flat for easy viewing, or new larger wall calendars.

With iMovie ’08, Apple’s movie-making software has been completely
reinvented to let users rediscover and enjoy their video library, make
movies in minutes instead of hours, and share their movies with family,
friends or the entire world in a snap. iMovie ’08 can import video from the
latest AVCHD, HDV and DV camcorders, as well as from digital cameras, and
displays a user’s entire video library whether it’s stored on internal or
external drives. Users can preview any of their video clips by simply
moving their mouse over the clip to “skim” through it forward or backward
at any speed, including faster than real time. Users can select video as
easily as selecting text, make a movie by simply dragging the selected
video into a project, then easily add a soundtrack from iTunes, voiceovers,
and elegant effects and cinematic titles. iMovie ’08 makes it as easy as a
few clicks to enjoy your movies on an iPod, iPhone or Apple TV, or share
with the entire world on YouTube.

For .Mac members, Apple is also introducing the stunning .Mac Web Gallery.
..Mac Web Gallery is fully integrated with iPhoto ’08 and iMovie ’08,
letting users share their photos and movies on the web with just a few
clicks. .Mac Web Gallery automatically builds a website containing photo
galleries and movies that can be viewed on any modern computer or iPhone.
Photos can be downloaded to print at sizes up to 16×20, and movies can be
viewed at higher-than-DVD resolution.

iWeb ’08 offers new features to make websites more interactive by adding
live web widgets such as Google Maps, targeted ads using Google AdSense and
photos or movies from .Mac Web Galleries. Users can also add Internet
video, news headlines, weather and more from any site that supports HTML
snippets. A new “My Album” page template lets users easily organize photo
albums and videos into one simple index web page. The new iWeb includes a
range of beautiful new Apple-designed themes that users can change at any
time to experiment with different web page designs, even after their site
has been published. With a .Mac membership, users can also now host iWeb
websites using their own personal domains.

GarageBand ’08 introduces Magic GarageBand, an easy and fun way for
musicians and non-musicians alike to create a song. Users can pick from
nine musical genres and interact with a band of “players” on a virtual
stage by selecting an instrument and musical part for each player to create
thousands of possible song combinations. Users can play along with a
built-in software instrument or record their voice to sing along to their
own music. The new GarageBand also offers powerful new features for more
advanced musicians, including multi-take recording to capture the best
performance, arrangements to cut, copy and paste intros, verses and
choruses, and support for 24-bit audio interfaces.

Pricing & Availability

iLife ’08 is now available for a suggested retail price of $79 (US) through
the Apple Store (, Apple’s retail stores and Apple Authorized
Resellers. The iLife ’08 suite of applications will be included with all
new Macs beginning today. .Mac is available as a subscription-based service
for $99.95 (US) per year for individuals and $179.95 (US) for a Family Pack
which includes one master account and four sub accounts. Anyone can sign up
for a free, 60-day .Mac trial from*

iLife ’08 requires Mac OS X version 10.4.9 or later, a Macintosh computer
with an Intel processor, a PowerPC G5 or PowerPC G4, QuickTime 7.2 or
later, a DVD drive for installation and 3GB of available disk space. iPhoto
print services are available in the US, Canada, Japan and select European
countries. A .Mac account is recommended for iWeb. Full system requirements
and more information on iLife ’08 can be found at

*The .Mac service is available to persons aged 13 and older. Annual
membership fee and Internet access required. Terms and conditions apply.

Apple ignited the personal computer revolution in the 1970s with the Apple
II and reinvented the personal computer in the 1980s with the Macintosh.
Today, Apple continues to lead the industry in innovation with its
award-winning computers, OS X operating system and iLife and professional
applications. Apple is also spearheading the digital media revolution with
its iPod portable music and video players and iTunes online store, and has
entered the mobile phone market this year with its revolutionary iPhone.