I thought you might interested in this. Not exactly hard core developer
news — but a nice holiday weekend post nevertheless. 🙂

Back in 1996, the Apple Game Sprockets team made a set of incredibly cool
leather jackets to promote the Mac as a “Serious Game Hardware” machine.
They took a really cool $500 bomber jacket — and then embroidered them
with a special and fairly complex design on the back. The logo includes a
special camouflage Apple logo, target and game weaponry. (See picture at
URL below)

ONLY 20 of these jackets were made — and are extremely rare. In fact,
other than the ones that we have/had, I’ve only seen one other.

MacTech was fortunate enough to get a few of these some time back — and
the other day, I came across an extra one in my closet at home that had
never been worn.

This jacket is now on auction on eBay. If you are interested — or want to
see a picture, check out:


This is a KILLER jacket — anyone that is serious about Macintosh gaming
would love to have it!

Please let anyone you know that might be interested know about it.


Neil Ticktin
MacTech Magazine