From: Brian Bergstrand (
Subject: [ANNC]NWClient Auto Logout

Friday December 17th – Macnn ( Bugnet yesterday
reported on a security issue with Mac OS 9 Multiple Users, noting that when
NetWare users log out from Mac OS 9, all of their NetWare NDS connections
remain active and open to subsequent users. (This may be identical to an
issue reported where “NDS client for Mac OS 9 fails to log the user out of
the NDS tree when s/he logs out of the MacOS 9 system.)

“the problem stems from Mac OS 9’s use of a closed security database. When
users log out from the OS, it checks for and closes all active AppleShare
mounted drives, but it doesn’t check for any mounted NetWare volumes, nor
does it provide any sort of Application Programming Interface (API) for
third-party developers like Prosoft. ”

NWClient Auto Logout (NWAL) addresses the problem stated above. NWAL is a
background application that hooks into Mac OS 9’s Multiple User support,
and automatically logs the current user out of NDS when they log out of the
Mac OS.

NWAL is available for free from
( and
includes source code. This is an HQX’d Stuffit archive. You will need
Stuffit Expander 5 or greater to unpack the archive.

You must have access to the Netware Client SDK, as two shared libraries are
required (NetWare Client Library and NetWare Locale Library) for NWAL to
run. These libraries are NOT included in the distribution or with the
Netware Client. See the Read Me for more info.. NWAL also requires Mac OS
9, and Novell Client v 5.11 or greater.
Brian Bergstrand