[ANN] CW Pro 5.3 Update for MacOS


CW Pro 5.3 Update for MacOS is ready for downloading from


A CD for this Update will be available for free at the Mac World Exhibition
or you can purchase it for shipping and handling costs as well.

The CW Pro 5.3 Factory Update is a maintenance release of the Pro 5 tools.
The update includes CW IDE 4.0.4, C/C++ compiler 2.3.2 (x86, PPC, and 68K),
MSL 5200, updated Java components (including faster MacOS Java debugging),
and other tools. Significant improvements to AltiVec debugging is included
in this update. Complete release notes are available.

This update is recommended for all Pro 5 and Pro 5.2 users. This archive
does not contain prebuilt libraries. After installing this update you must
rebuild your MSL and runtime libraries on your machine. A version of the
update with prebuilt libraries is also available.

You should apply the 5.3 patch before updating to newer 3.3 Universal
headers then rebuild libraries. Carbon developers who are cross debugging
should not apply this update.

The no library version was submitted on 12/17/1999 and occupies 25504k of
disk space. The included library version was submitted on 12/17/1999 and
occupies 37513k of disk space.