From: Ken (
Subject: CPLAT version 2.0 released

ksoft is pleased to announce the availability of CPLAT Version 2.0.


CPLAT is an easy-to-use low cost C++ cross-platform framework for developing applications for the MacOS and Windows from a single source code base. CPLAT provides a complete set of classes for mangement of C++ cross-platform applications including documents, files, user interface elements, tables and more. In addition CPLAT uses STL for its containers so you get the full benefit of STL algorithms and iterators.
CPLAT currently supports Codewarrior and VC++, and is
Applescriptable/recordable and Carbon compliant (MacOS).

CPLAT also includes a RADTool / Resource editor for rapid application
development of your app and the ability to edit your resources once and
have them converted between MacOS and Windows.


CPLAT with CPLAT RADTools / Resource Editor currently costs $50 per
developer, with a site license for 7 or more copies for $300. There are no
other licensing fees for aplications developed with CPLAT whether
commercial, shareware, feeware or other.
Complete information can be found at: