From: Ken (
Subject: CPLAT RADTools / Resource Editor version 2.0

ksoft is pleased to announce the availability of CPLAT RADTools / Resource
Editor Version 2.0.

WHAT IS CPLAT RADTools / Resource Editor?
The CPLAT RADTools / Resource editor is a tool that combined with the CPLAT cross-platform framework allows for the visual layout of your program and resources. You can layout your windows and other UI elements such as dialogs and alerts. You can then have the RADTool generate the source/header and project files necessary for project creation. In addition a defines header file is created for all visual elements used, so you don’t have to remember between the UI layout program and your code what your references to an element are when laying it out.
In addition this tool allows for the importing of existing resources, such
as menus, icons, pictures, etc. and the ability to convert and edit them.
You can then generate the equivalent resource for both MacOS and Windows.

Resource editing support for MacOS icon suites, and ‘icns’ resources, as
well as Windows .ICO (icons) is fully supported so you can create/edit the
new MacOS 8.5 ‘icns’ resource including 32 bit icons, and 48×48 icons. You
can also import and edit existing Windows .ICO icons on the MacOS and the
following conversions are supported MacOS icon suite and/or ‘icns’ to
Windows .ICO, and Windows .ICO to MacOS icon suite and/or ‘icns’.

In addition through the use of QuickTime various formats are available for
importing and exporting picture type images for use on buttons, and as

The CPLAT RADTools / Resource editor, like the CPLAT framework includes
full source code and projects.


CPLAT with CPLAT RADTools / Resource Editor currently costs $50 per
developer, with a site license for 7 or more copies for $300. There are no
other licensing fees for aplications developed with CPLAT whether
commercial, shareware, feeware or other.
Complete information can be found at: