This is the final release of Syslogd 2.1.4. This release has been fully
tested with Mac OS 9, but does not take advantage of any specific OS 9

A future release of Syslogd will take advantage of OS 9 technologies when
Apple releases the final version of the OS 9 SDK.

There have been some major changes in the System requirements with this

Syslgod 2.1.4 requires a PowerMacintosh and System 7.5.3 as the minimum
system version. For network support, OpenTransport 1.1.1 is the minimum.

For further information on these changes see

The update can be downloaded directly from
( or from the
Syslogd homepage at
Changes in 2.1.4:
– -Incoming network messages are now validated.
– -Fixed a bug in Syslogd that would cause the last character of
messages not terminated with a line-feed to be overwritten.
– -Fixed a bug in both Syslogd and Syslogd Admin that would cause them
to mis-detect the Folder Manager under systems older than 8.0.
– -Fixed a long standing bug in Syslogd that would cause the local
hostname to be blank if the Macintosh name was not set in the File
Sharing Control Panel.
– -Fixed a bug in Syslogd that caused the interval between –MARK–
messages to be miscalculated.
– -Fixed a very weird and rare bug in Syslogd, that would cause some
messages to be missed. In particular, some messages after “–MARK–”
messages would be missed.
– -Syslogd Admin will now alert you if Syslogd cannot be started
(either by clicking the “Start Server” or “Restart Server” buttons in
the Server Control tab). Syslogd Admin should have done this all
along, so I considered it a bug.

– —–New features—-
– -Bumped the network message buffer up to 1514 bytes, which is the
standard frame size for an Ethernet network.
– -The network client functionality is now configurable. In older
versions, when you activated networking, you activated both the
server and client functionality. In v2.1.4 you must explicitly turn
on the client functionality in the Network Options tab of Syslogd

Brian Bergstrand