Wilmington, DE September 3, 1999.

Highwinds Trading Company (http://www.highwinds.com) is pleased to announce
version 1.5 of the EnScrypt(tm) security tools for Macintosh based
developers and cryptographers. The package includes:
a. EnScrypt(tm), an encryption tool for Macintosh scripting
environments. Pass any string to EnScrypt together with
a key, and it will pass back the encrypted string. Pass it an
encrypted text, and it passes back the original. Uses the
well-known “Blowfish” encryption algorithm.

b. FreeBees(tm), a tool for Macintosh cryptographers that works
with EnScrypt to build digital signatures, password
authentication, and other sophisticated security. Uses the
well-known “SHA-1” hashing algorithm.

This is an indispensable set of tools for software developers, script
writers and anyone needing to provide security on the Macintosh platform.
The package includes a set of basic templates for implementing security in
various types of environments.

Download EnScrypt now at
ftp://ftp.highwinds.com/1001-enscryptLite.sit. The download is a demo,
called “EnScrypt Lite.” It will operate for 90 days and it is limited to 24
bit keys. Suitable for testing (and hacking).

Licences to Enscrypt are:

* Single licence (for a single person on a single computer).
* Site licence (for a defined group of users at a single
location or in single organization).
* Bulk licence (custom built to the specs of a developer’s
application…for general distribution).

Pricing is fully described in the download package. Starts at $25.

Version 1.5 makes several improvements to make it more compatible with
other implementations of “Blowfish”. Also fixes some bugs.

Further information about EnScrypt can be found at
HIGHWINDS TRADING COMPANY http://www.highwinds.com
Wilmington, DE USA Technology for Email and Security