CelView (TM) the new Mac RUMBA Version 2.0 Features

Cel Corporation continually works to provide industry leading terminal
emulation solutions for Macintosh users worldwide and is pleased to
announce the features that will be available with the latest release of
CelView the new Mac RUMBA. Set to release in late Fall of 1999, Version 2.0
will offer IP printing Session Device Naming and improved SNA Gateway
functionality. IP Printing allows Macintosh users to print over TCP/IP
using TN3270e/TN5250e connections to Mainframes and AS/400s respectively.
CelView will then be able to support printing capabilities for all
connection methods such as NetWare, Gateway Client, AppleTalk and TCP/IP.
CelView the new Mac RUMBA Version 2.0 will also include Session Device
Naming, which allows each user running CelView to connect to a specific
device assigned by the AS/400. Cel Corporation is also building support for
running SNA Gateway on Macintosh machines using Madge PCI Token Ring cards.
This feature provides users with an alternative to operating on older NuBus
Macintosh Machines. Organizations running a SNA Gateway will be able to
upgrade to newer power PC machines using PCI card slots.

Cel Corporation is committed to technology innovation and maintains support
for the Macintosh Platform. For information about CelView the new Mac RUMBA
visit http://www.celcorp.com/products/macrumba/macrumba.html or call our
sales team at (780) 438-2323.

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