Brain wave controlled computers made affordable by Apples iMac

Darien, CT — May 13, 1999 (Xpress Press) — IBVA Technologies, Inc.
announces today full compatibility with the Apple iMac and current
generation Apple G3 computers. Compatibility with the Apple iMac
enables delivery of the IBVA brain/computer interface system to a
greater market at a lower price point.

“Even we are amazed at what you can do with our system and an iMac at
this price point,” said Drew DeVito, Executive Vice President of IBVA
Technologies, Inc. “It used to be that you had to match our system up
with a fairly expensive computer to get a great experience with
brain/computer interaction. Now you can get our system and an iMac
for the same price that you used to only be able to buy a computer
alone. It really is amazing to see this happen.”

The IBVA System allows anyone to use their actual, real time brain
wave activity to change movies as they are watched, create
interactive brain wave influenced music, control digital video and
sound, study brain activity, fight brain Vs. brain against another
person, trigger external devices and software as well as a full
featured range of other brain/computer interface functions.

IBVA Technologies also sells add-ons to their system called Expansion
Paks. These Expansion Paks extend the brain wave control to:

– Sony Playstations;

– Infra-red devices such as cable boxes, satellite systems,
televisions and more;

– Home automation systems for light control, door security control and more;

– and Virtual Reality headgear.

The IBVA System is currently shipping from IBVA Technologies, Inc.
IBVA Technologies, Inc. was incorporated in 1994. For more
information and a gallery of our history please visit the IBVA web

Drew DeVito
IBVA Technologies, Inc.
25-13 Old Kings Hwy. North
Suite 164
Darien, CT 06820