Ingres Corp., an open source database management company, has
released Ingres Database 9.3, the latest version of the company’s
flagship open source database product. The new version offers
migration from MySQL, as well as from proprietary databases such as
Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and Sybase.

Ingres Database 9.3 boasts a number of key features to help java
application developers be more productive and is specifically
designed to help meet the demands of a rapidly growing partner
community with Liferay certification, according to Deb Woods, vice
president of product management, Ingres. Ingres Database 9.3 also
highlights the importance community contributions play in the
innovation of open source software by including features to the
database engine that were added by its community members, she adds.
To download the latest version, go to .

Ingres Database 9.3 also provides support for pluggable
authentication modules (PAM), which enables the database to support
more authentication mechanisms than previous versions. PAM makes it
easier to support one program that supports multiple security
services than the various operating-specific users’ authentication
schemes. PAM also provides lower security exposure because the
authorization program can run either with no special privileges or
with shadow group privileges.

Ingres Database 9.3 is certified on Liferay, an open source portal
and social collaboration solution. The Liferay portal is can be
customized and handles large organizational structures, such as
giving each business unit a unique look and security permissions.

Ingres continues to support the latest standards including open
database connectivity (ODBC), Java Database Connectivity (JDBC), and
.Net Data Provider. Version 9.3 adds the ability to automatically
start multiple Data Access Servers to improve scalability in
environments where large numbers of .Net and JDBC applications are
connecting to Ingres. In addition, Ingres Database 9.3 simplifies the
setup of JDBC driver properties with the addition of the Ingres JDBC
Driver Properties Generator. The utility runs automatically during
installation but can also be run at any time.