Linotype GmbH and its parent company, Monotype Imaging Holdings, a
provider of text imaging solutions, have announced that the Linotype
FontExplorer X Server font management solution
( is available for 10 users at US$999
until Dec. 31.

Included with each downloaded package are the server installer, the
FontExplorer X Server administrator software, the FontExplorer X Pro
client software, and the respective number of user licenses for
working with the Pro software on Macs within the workgroup.
FontExplorer X Server runs on both Mac systems (Mac OS X 10.4 and
10.5) and servers (Mac OS X 10.4 and 10.5), as well as Windows server
(2003 Server, XP and 32-bit Windows Vista) environments. The
FontExplorer X Server license fee includes one year phone or e-mail
support. Applications are available in English or German and include
comprehensive documentation. Font licenses must be purchased

As a solution that combines the FontExplorer X Pro client edition
with network administration capabilities, FontExplorer X Server
enables users to collaborate with others on the network to streamline
workflow efficiency. Administrators can distribute fonts and font
sets over the network and allow identified users to customize font
sets and preferences for their local use.

Administrators can also organize fonts on the server according to
specified groups – such as work groups, departments, job type and
projects — and assign privileges to individual users and groups
accordingly. As new font families are added, fonts can be installed
across the network. Backup functions enable administrators to recover
fonts as well as font settings.

FontExplorer X Server can also monitor font usage across the
organization, allowing administrators to compare usage against
corresponding font licenses, and remove fonts deemed redundant or
unnecessary. Companies seeking advanced levels of font license
control can turn to Monotype Imaging’s Fontwise solution – a font
license management service that can work in parallel with
FontExplorer X.

The FontExplorer X Pro client software, which is available at, supports the Mac OS X (10.4x and
higher) platform only. It includes features designed to enable
precise control of fonts.