Copenhagen, March 27, 1999

Announcing GameCode

Sren Grnbech [Sodan] in cooperation with Metrowerks, Inc., (NASDAQ:
MTWKF, TSE/ME:MWK) a leading supplier of software development tools
for desktop and embedded systems, announced GameCode the cross
platform multimedia library and toolbox. GameCode is available for
Windows and Mac OS, with a Linux version in development.

GameCode which was formerly found on the Metrowerks CodeWarrior CD,
now has it’s own web-site. GameCode is now Open Source and available
on the net under an open MWPL “Mozilla style” license. GameCode may
also be distributed on the CodeWarrior CD.

What is GameCode

GameCode is an Open Source cross platform multimedia development
library. GameCode consists of three primary parts:

1) An easy-to-use programmers API which does basic setup. For example
to set up a game or a multimedia application.

2) A number of functions to display graphics, play sounds, display text, etc.

3) A converter-tool which uses a simple script-language to convert
graphics, sounds and other types of resource files.

GameCode also does compression and archiving. Since GameCode exists
on top of DirectX on Windows and Sprocket on Macintosh, special
hardware is automatically supported, if supported by DirectX or
Sprocket. Source code is available for all components.

System Requirements

GameCode has been developed and compiled and tested with Metrowerks
CodeWarrior Professional 4. It may compile using other environments,
but this has not been tested. GameCode for Windows requires DirectX
5.0 SDK or later to be installed. GameCode for Macintosh can use
Apple Game Sprockets. When using QuickTime, the QuickTime SDK must be
Sren Grnbech

Metrowerks Corporation
9801 Metric, suite 100
Austin Tx. 78758

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